Motion Graphics

Spring 2017 & 2018, Loyola Marymount University

We live in a world where media mediates our understanding of reality. From the media distortion of body image to presidential candidate memes to the everyday surveillance of self through social medias, the contemporary identity politics is tangled with layers of virtuality. Through a series of readings and aesthetic experiments, students investigate, play, and critically reflect on the politics of transparency, opacity, and layers using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Final Project Assignment

Web as Utopia / Dystopia

Summer 2016 & 2017, UCLA Design Media Arts

Web as Utopia / Dystopia is a part seminar, part studio course that takes a critical stance towards dominant powers on the global web. In this class we will be asking questions such as:

What is the web made of? How are search engines and social medias forming our understanding of the world? How does our online identity alter our behavior offline? How does the web empowers / disempowers us when we submit private information to the public sphere? What are the tools we could use to address these issues creatively?

Through HTML and CSS exercises, the course approaches web art in the tradition of art and activism using techniques like collage, the cut-up, the fake, and strategies of artistic self-expression.

Class Website

Shifting Perspective

Summer 2017, UCLA CNSI

Shifting Perspective is a seminar-workshop that is part of the UCLA Sci | Art NanoLab, an intensive summer course that offers undergraduate credits for high school students. The seminar provides an overview on the evolution of camera technology and the ways it influenced the perception of reality. During the workshop students attached spycams to kinectic objects to explore non-human-centric motions and visual perspectives.

Lecture Slides

Computer Graphics

Fall 2016, Loyola Marymount University

In this course we will explore the scope and the possibilities of utilizing computer graphics to visually represent creative concepts and themes derived from the socio-cultural environment. This course introduces the fundamentals and practice of 2D computer graphics through Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.