2021, software, web application

TogetherNet is an open-source software that invites groups of 10 or less participants to build community archives through practices of consent.

Designed around the ethos of data transparency and consent, TogetherNet's goal is to transform digital rights policies such as the right to be forgotten into an embodied practice through reimagining software architecture and user experience.

This tool and initiative stands on the shoulders of Consentful Tech Zine by Una Lee and Dann Toliver and Design Justice Network Principles ⁠— by considering transparency and consent every step of the way, the source code serves as both a technical and a moral document that seeks to uncover systems of power and uncertainties embedded in network technologies.

Lead Artist: Xin Xin
Lead Software Developer: Charlotte Yaqing Wen
Lead Writer: Neema Githere
Advisor: Lauren Lee McCarthy

TogetherNet was created through the generous support of Eyebeam NYC's Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future Fellowship.